ATLAS RC Lawnmower Kit by Justus Gadgets


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Get the Justus Gadgets RC Lawnmower Kit for an effortless, convenient, and efficient way to maintain your lawn. This 4WD machine with a gearbox for each wheel is easy to navigate and you can remotely operate the machine with ease while enjoying the peace of mind of improved safety.

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Justus Gadgets’ RC Lawnmower Kit

This RC kit is the ultimate solution. Are you tired of spending hours pushing a heavy lawnmower around your lawn? Our expert team designed this kit to make lawn maintenance effortless, convenient, and efficient. How? We modified the mower into a powerful, 4WD machine with a gearbox for each wheel. This enables easy navigation of the terrain of your lawn. We include all the necessary parts, so you can start building your RC lawnmower right away. Plus, while supplies last, we’re offering a free transmitter and receiver with each purchase!

Our team designed an easy-to-service RC system that is compatible with multiple battery types and sizes.  This provides you with ultimate control and flexibility. With your precision and accuracy heightened while mowing your lawn, you can easily adjust the speed and direction of the mower as you see fit. This means that your lawn is always well-groomed.

justus gadgets rc lawnmower

After You Installed

Once you’ve installed the RC lawnmower kit, operating the machine remotely becomes easy. Your lawn maintenance will never be more convenient and efficient. The 4WD gearbox for each wheel ensures that your lawn is evenly mowed. With the RC system simplifying mower control, you can relax while your lawn is taken care of.

In addition, Justus Gadget’s RC lawnmower isn’t just versatile and easy to use – it’s also designed with your safety in mind. Now, the remote control enables you to operate the mower from a safe distance, greatly reducing the risk of injury. Furthermore, the mower provides excellent traction and control, reassuring that you stay on track and avoid obstacles, even in difficult areas.

Simplify your life by saying goodbye to traditional mowers and getting Justus Gadget’s RC lawnmower today. Experience the convenience of a remote-controlled lawn mower and maintain your lawn effortlessly. Once you receive Justus Gadgets’ remote-controlled lawnmower kit, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

*Currently, this DIY kit is only compatible with the Atlas 80V Brushless Cordless 21 In. Push Lawn Mower.

Full Parts List

3D Printed Parts

1x Front Left Gearbox Mount
1x Rear Left Gearbox Mount
1x Front Right Gearbox Mount
1x Rear Right Gearbox Mount
4x Screw Spacers
1x Control Case
1x On/Off Switch
4x Motor Driver Mounts
1x Voltage Meter
1x Fuse Box
2x Front Wheel Hub
2x Rear Wheel Hub


1x Voltage meter
1x On/Off Switch
4x motor drivers
1x Buck Converter
1x Control Board

While Supplies Last!

1x RC Transmitter

1x RC Receiver

Other Hardware
4x Custom Modified Gearbox
1x Screen Sheet
1x Control Box

*Wires and screws for electronics & hardware are included as well.


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